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ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT SALES AT A FAIR PRICE ! is an electrical distributor of Legrand and Schneider since 2002. We offer more than 80,000 new hardware references and guaranteed 1 year. The delivery of our products is done everywhere in France and worldwide with our proven partner carriers.

Our whole catalog of electrical equipment and switchgear complies with the CE / NF. If you need help, contact us by phone or by following this link.


Schneider Electric is a manufacturer of high-quality electrical equipment. The company currently offers over 50,000 items, and its logistics service has a reputation for efficiency. We use them to deliver our orders, and deadlines are optimised for each item. However, the information provided on this site is given as a guide only (for delivery time).


Taken over by Schneider Electric, Merlin Gerin represents all of Schneider Electric's expertise in electrical distribution equipment and the Prisma G and Prisma P switchboard enclosures. Merlin Gerin needs no introduction. It is a historic brand in France, synonymous with quality and performance. Many items have the NF quality label – see the low-voltage distribution catalogue. There are no surprises with the items sold on our site: the item you receive is the item you ordered (this is not the case at many e-commerce sites for electrical equipment).


This brand, also taken over by Schneider Electric, offers tens of thousands of items, mostly for process engineering. 
Sensors, actuators, signaling devices, controllers, relays, contact switches and safety devices are available with many options to provide the characteristics you need: voltage, frequency, intensity etc…


This legacy brand is used for polyester and metal switchboard enclosures now marketed by Schneider Electric. The Sarel range meets the needs of electricians in terms of use, dimensions, protection rating and shock resistance for operation under standard or severe conditions.


Another brand known for the quality of its products, Legrand has a strong presence in the tertiary and domestic market due to its ranges of products suited to these environments.

Also producing high-performance polyester and metal switchboard enclosures, Legrand's expertise is well established. Legrand equipment can be found in electricity distribution boards (switches, junction boxes, industrial sockets) and in homes (elegantly designed switches, push-buttons etc. under names including Céliane).

Electric equipment you will find on our store :

nsx100f - nsx100h - nsx100n - nsx100na - nsx160 - nsx160f - nsx160n - nsx160na - nsx250 - nsx250f - nsx250n - nsx250na - nsx400 - nsx400f - nsx400n - nsx400na - nsx630 - nsx630f - nsx630n - nsx630na - c120 - c120h - c120l - c120n - vigi dt40 - dt40n - ic60l - acti9 ic60n - acti9 - disjoncteur - disjoncteur modulaire multi 9 - actionneur - automate programmable - Carte automate - bobine mx - canalis - condensateur électronique - interpact - kaedra - coffret opale - appareil modulaire - Armoire électrique - capteur thermique - masterpact - micrologic - onduleur schneider - parafoudre schneider - contacteur schneider - Appareillage Céliane - Contacteur jour/nuit - Inter différentiel - Inverseur de source - Protection différentielle......

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